IMMAF | Independent Financial Audit Commission given greater role in IMMAF

The International Association of Mixed Martial Arts is underlining its commitment to the principles of good governance by giving the Financial Audit Committee a greater oversight role in its operations.

IMMAF CEO Densign White said: “There have been plenty of horror stories in recent years about serious financial mismanagement by International Federations and we are determined that IMMAF will adopt the highest possible standards of fiscal propriety. The Audit Committee is fully independent and will audit the financial activities of IMMAF and provide oversight of financial matters including upcoming commercial activities.”

The seriousness of the mission can be seen in the appointment of Denis Rowan as Committee Chair. Although a certified accountant by training, Denis is now best known as an expert in International Conflict Resolution with extensive work in the Northern Ireland Peace and Political Process. Denis’ wide-ranging experience across sectors and international experience in the USA and Japan, made him an ideal leader for IMMAF.

“I was delighted to be invited to be Chair of IMMAF’s Financial Audit Committee,” said Denis. “Having discussed the position with Densign White, I was pleased to see that IMMAF understands the value of accountability but also the gains for them in having solid governance arrangements which increases efficiency to the organisation and contributes to growth.”

IMMAF’s Financial Audit Committee members are Svetlana Odintsova (NED) and Dr. Luigi Perillo (ITA). Both have extensive career experience in high level corporate finance but also have key roles in MMA promotions and governance across both the amateur and professional scenes. Dr. Perillo has a 25 year background in MMA and is now the President of the Swiss MMA Federation, while Ms Odintsova has extensive experience with both WMMA (now merged with IMMAF) and promotion, M1.

“Svetlana and Luigi blend expertise in finance and the entire sport of MMA, which is ideal”, said Denis. “The priorities going forward are to develop, implement and monitor robust and effective governance arrangements of the highest international standards. We will support IMMAF, the Board, management, and staff to achieve their organisational strategic goals.”

Originally published at on July 10, 2020.

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